How to Be a Life Coach in 4 Stages

How to become a life coach

How to become a life coach in 4 stages

How to Be a Life Coach

I’ve received several request over the years asking for the exact stages of how to be a life coach. Usually I will just tell people the stages. But today I decided to create post dedicated to teaching the step by step process each stage. For each stage I will expand a little more in another post.

Stage 1 – Get Your Feet Wet

  • Train to be a Life Coach – The best way to learn how to be a Life Coach is through qualified training. You must get Life
    how to be a life coach

    Get Your Feet Wet

    Coach training and certification. It’s not enough anymore to just pop up and say you are a Life Coach. The coaching industry has grown and people are seeking out qualified Life Coaches. Your training will separate you from those who are not trained and certified.

  • Learn to identify yourself as a coach – One of the best ways to actually be a Life Coach is to start identifying yourself as a Life Coach. When someone ask you your profession, begin telling them you are a Life Coach. You will get used to saying it and it will help build your confidence.
  • Build a support network – When you become a Life Coach you will need to start hanging around other Coaches who can teach you how to be a Life Coach. In addition to other Coaches you will need to be around other like minded professionals such as yourself.  When you have a positive support network it will make your coaching career easier
  • Begin to practice your coaching skills – Once you have started your training and started building your support network you will be ready to start practice your coaching skills. In order to be a Life Coach

Stage 2 – Implement the Business Aspect of Coaching

Set up Your Life Coaching Business

Set up Your Life Coaching Business

  • Set up your office – Once you have past the 1st stage, you will need to get all the things needed to run your business. This includes a computer, telephone, Internet access etc. 
  • Create your client welcome packet – When you get training to learn how to be a Life Coach, you training program should provide you with a sample client welcome packet. Edit that packet and have all of your forms ready for coaching.
  • Create a fee structure – One of my favorite parts of being a coach is get paid. Create a fee structure that represents your services. Your time and services are very valuable. Don’t low ball your self. Have a look at this Life Coach salary to see how much coaches around the world are getting paid for their services.
  • Organize your client tools – When you are coaching you will find that sometimes it’s good to have certain coaching tools, forms, and resources handy to help clarify things in different parts of a Client’s life. So make sure that you have your client tools organized and you know where to look when needed. I keep my hard copies in a binder and soft copies organized on the computer.
  • Take steps to open your coaching business – This can be done in stage 1 or stage 2 of learning how to be a Life Coach. You must go and do things such as register your business name and check zoning regulations. Cover all of your legal grounds of opening business.
  • Create your coach marketing plan – When you have all of the above in order it is time to market. Create your marketing plan and gather all of your promotional materials.

Stage 3 – Get Official 

Be an Official Life Coach

Be an Official Life Coach

  • Receive your credentials – In this stage you have finished your training, you graduated, and now you have your credentials. This will be the best feeling.
  • Implement your coach marketing plan – Next it’s time to implement that Life Coach marketing plan you created in stage 2. You must be very patient and develop a marketing mindset. 
  • Begin or continue to enroll clients – If your marketing plan is efficient you will begin to get inquiries. Schedule a 30-45 free session and start enrolling clients.

Stage 4 – Take Coaching to the Next Level

Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

  • Create and add coaching products and services to your business – So once you have finished the 3 stages of learning how to be a Life Coach it’s time to take things to the next level and start creating coaching products and services. It’s time to create a Master Coaching Business(TM).
  • Mastering coaching through experience – The more experience you get the better you will become and soon you will be a Master Coach.
  • Increase your fee structure with experience – Don’t forget that as your experience increase your fee structure should increase. Your coaching skills will be much better and your should be a more sought after Coach.
  • Get additional coach certifications– Last but not least of learning how to be a life coach is to continue your education. Get all the training and certifications you need. This will allow you to become an expert in Life Coaching.

Becoming a life coach is a very rewarding opportunity. Learning how to be a Life Coach is process, however if your passion is to help people, help themselves then life coaching may be for you. These stages are the exact stages that I took to in order to learn how be a life coach and right now I have a very successful full time career doing something that I love, life coaching.

When I first started considering life coaching as a career, as a business, I didn’t know where or how to start. I was searching online for weeks looking at coach training programs, reading curriculums, and reading reviews of schools. I couldn’t find a program that I felt would really hold my hand and see me through this. I couldn’t find a coach training program that I felt would help me in each stage of becoming coach. I didn’t even know what the stages were, but the curriculums and programs that I were looking for just didn’t seem as if I would get more than just the training.

But then I came across a mentor coach who was able to show me all of these stages and assure me that through her program she would walk me through each one. And she did! I could not have asked for anything better.

So, now that I am a Certified Coach Trainer and Mentor Coach, I want to show you these exact stages  you will need to take in order to  be a life coach.

Stay tuned for more.